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A modern approach to an established industry. We collaborate with companies of all sizes creating the ideal formula to retain team members who are happier, healthier, and wealthier. Founded on a decade of employee benefits experience, we are breaking the mold by using tools that are simple to understand and apply.


At Benefits Lab,we begin with an awareness of the company's needs and culture, followed by a search for unique market solutions. Our approach goes beyond discussions about insurance products to consider the entire picture of your organization.

Seeking Employee Benefits
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MISSION: To help businesses formulate the perfect benefits recipe to retain employees who are happier, healthier, and wealthier

VISION: Transforming the benefit industry to be one worth bragging about. 



  • Loyal

  • Authentic

  • Bold

Our unique approach

Scientific method

Every company requires a unique formula. We take into account your company's size, geography, growth strategy, core beliefs, and willingness to embrace innovation while formulating a recipe fit for your company culture.

Proactive communication

To keep you and your employees bragging about your benefits all year long, we actively educate and collaborate with your team on a regular basis, not just when it’s time to renew.

innovative Solutions

We're always on the lookout for fresh ideas in the benefits market. In order to be the first to introduce cutting-edge products and services to our clientele, we actively seek out innovative startups and new concepts.

Streamlined Administration

It's never been easier to manage employee onboarding and benefits enrollment. With all of their benefit details in one place, your employees can make informed decisions with ease.


ANdrea Smith

Benefits Lab's founder and Chief Benefit Scientist, Andrea Smith, has worked in the employee benefits industry for over a decade. As a former Vice President of Business Development at a national benefits company, she was instrumental in bringing new health insurance products to the market. She applies her past experience to her current approach of benefits consulting by blending company culture with insurance literacy. Through this, she helps enhance the overall experience for employers and their teams. The inner thrill seeker that draws her to scuba diving, flying small aircraft, and open water sailing makes her a natural at navigating risk, so you don’t have to!


Check out our services to learn how we help formulate the perfect benefits recipe to retain employees who are happier, healthier, and wealthier. 

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