Implementing “corporate wellness” …

  • A “shock and awe” video (96 minutes) designed to get everyone’s
    immediate attention and shock some into taking immediate action
  • A year round wellness program designed to create awareness,
    educate, and engage employees in activities throughout the year
    that lead to reduced risks and better health
  • 24/7 access to the wellness portal where participants can complete
    health risk assessments, participate in seminars and challenges, track
    their activities, manage their personal profile, look up their medications,
    research a medical encyclopedia, complete online forms, and more
  • Employees can connect with call-a-coach services via phone or e-mail
    if they would like assistance with starting an exercise program, changing
    their eating habits, losing weight, managing stress, or stopping smoking
  • 24/7 access to the employer resource center that includes all tools
    and resources needed to create and promote your wellness program
  • An employer wellness handbook including step-by-step instructions
    to help you launch your program and get your employees up and running

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Russ Swallow
Licensed Insurance Adviser
(Worcester, Massachusetts)

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