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How Does Absenteeism Affect Gross Profit?

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When Jane is on an extended disability (five days or longer), the estimated loss in production, due to less efficient replacements, is 21%.  When replacements cost more (supervisors, temporary workers, etc.), your gross profit falls even further.

Presenteeism?  Is it in your vocabulary?

We all know absenteeism.  Unhealthy employees cost you money.  Presenteeism may cost you even more money.  It’s when employees report to work when sick and not operating up to their usual level of productivity.  People who come to
work when sick are also likely to infect others; namely, coworkers and possibly customers or clients.

Should employees who participate in
healthy activities pay less for their health
insurance than those who don’t?

Let’s assume that Company A pays 70% of the health insurance premium whether the employee participates in healthy activities or not.  Under this typical model, there is no incentive for employees to engage in activities to improve their health.

Forward thinkers have employers paying 50% of the premium while incentivizing employees to earn that additional 20% by engaging in activities to improve their health.  It begins slowly in the first year with just two simple activities while gradually increasing the number of the qualifying activities for subsequent years.

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