Drill, Fill and Bill

This ”barebones” approach holds dental insurance costs down in ”belt-tightening” economies. The individual rate is about $20 per month; the family rate about $75.  It covers preventative services only (the basics that keep you out of trouble).

Covers a standard six month oral exam at 100% … bite wing (side view) x-rays at 100% … and cleanings at 100%.  Drilling and fillings are covered at 50%.  Available for groups having 10 insureds on the plan.

Individual buy-ups to richer benefits (endo, perio, oral surgery) are available for groups having 25 insureds on the plan.  This can be offered on a voluntary basis.

Rollover, Schmollover

One of the “hooks” some companies use so that you don’t switch to another insurer is the “rollover” benefit.  If you don’t use benefits in a given year, a portion of the benefit will roll over to increase your benefit in subsequent years.  They believe this makes it more difficult for competitors to compete against that increased benefit.

We think that thinking is flawed in more than one area.  Not many insureds use the maximum benefit but what happens when you need mega services early on?  And if you need mega services later on, accumulated rollover benefits might disappear.

How about an annual benefit of $5000 from day one, completely independent from any rollover, schmollover?  The cost is only about 4% more than a $1500 benefit and it’s available for groups having 30 insureds on the plan (and OK for voluntary).

Russ Swallow

Licensed Insurance Adviser



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